TENNESSEE, Oct. 19. 2017- Tennessee Republican candidate for Governor Bill Lee has spent thousands of dollars supporting a liberal PAC that pushes pro-Common Core and Pro-Tax candidates. On the trail for Governor, Lee claims to be a conservative, but his actions speak louder than words.

The PAC, known as Williamson Business PAC, is well-known throughout Middle Tennessee for its liberal political agenda. The PAC uses its money from donors like Lee to elect far-left Clinton supporting Democrats, Pro-Common Core, and Pro-Tax candidates.

When it’s not working to elect Democrats, the PAC is busy fighting conservatives in the state legislature and working to elect Establishment liberal moderates who run as Republicans. The PAC has provided financial support to candidates that favor Common Core and endorsed the largest tax-hike in Tennessee history. Lee has consistently stumbled when asked whether or not he would repeal this tax, but the answers is basically no, he won’t.

So, there you have it. Bill Lee can call himself a conservative all day long, but he’s donated thousands of dollars electing Democrats, pro-Common Core candidates and fighting conservatives to help the establishment.

Lee has also created many eye rolls across rural Tennessee for claiming he’s traveling across the state on his tractor to connect with rural voters when he’s actually not doing that at all.