TENNESSEE, Dec. 5, 2017- Republican Governor candidate Bill Lee is being blasted by a “Teacher of the Year” for saying he doesn’t know who Tennessee’s education commissioner is.

Kyle Mallory, a tenured Tennessee history teacher who was named the Tennessee Teacher of the Year for grades 6 to 8 by the VFW in 2014, took to social media to blast Lee for not knowing who the state’s Education Commissioner, Candice McQueen, was after he asked Lee if he’d retain or replace McQueen as commissioner if he were to win the Governor’s race.

According to Mallory, when asked, Lee responded: “I do not know who she is.”

In another post, Mallory went on to blast Lee for not opposing trans-gendered men in girls’ bathrooms and for not supporting the 2nd Amendment.

A constant criticism of Lee’s campaign is that he continuously skirts policy and never seems prepared to answer the tough questions about governing the state.

Bill Lee’s financial support to a liberal PAC that supported Common Core and higher taxes has also angered many conservatives Lee hopes to court for his candidacy.